"You write beautiful music together" 
Janét Sullivan Whitaker
Composer of Liturgical Music at OCP Publications


"Hi Katherine and Janie,

Thank you so much for the beautiful music you performed during my mom's funeral mass on Friday.

It made the mass so very special, and I am certain that my mom especially enjoyed the Ave Maria.  That is one song that she requested over the years that we have sung for her when "her time came".  It was inded beautiful along with the others. "

Sincerely,   Diane M.


" Hi Janie,

...Your talent ... your message ... goes beyond music.  There's no doubt that it is God's calling for you (and I'm sure you know it).  I am among the many who deeply appreciate your gift.  Please feel the strength & energy being sent to you!"

Thanks & best regards,

Dr. Michael V.

"Dear Katherine and Janie,


I wanted to thank you both again for the beautiful singing and music. It was more than I had hoped for. I received many compliments. I thought the mass was lovely but you certainly added to that. 

Also, my appreciation to you Katherine for your guidance.

Peace be with you both,"



".... From the planning stage through the Ave Maria and on to the the end of the Mass, we were all held in an embrace of love from this musical duo.  I couldn't recommend them more highly in this most stressful but desired time of remembrance to our mother's life well lived."
Emily P.
Janie & Katherine in Concert
Janie & Katherine in concert 4/27/18 playing and singing with Jaime Cortez and Tom Booth, Musician Master Class Concert, Cathedral Basilica, San Jose
Tom Booth & Jaime Cortez
Tom Booth & Jaime Cortez, Master Class Concert
Janie, Tom Booth & Katherine
4/27/18 Master Class Concert, Cathedral Basilica
Katherine in Concert 4/27/18
Musician Master Class Concert, Cathedral Basilica
Katherine, Jaime Cortez & Janie
Master Class Concert 4/27/18
Janie & Tom Booth
Janie and Tom Booth,
Musician Master Class Concert, Cathedral Basilica of St. Joseph
Janie, Rick Modlin & Katherine
Fun at the Liturgical Composer Forum in St. Louis, January 2018
Dan Schutte & Katherine
LA Congress, March 2018
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Tom Booth & Jaime Cortez

Tom Booth & Jaime Cortez, Master Class Concert